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You have more in common with water than you think

You have more in common with water than you think……
Not just density. 😉😉

At low energy state, or low vibration, water is ice. This can represent our physical form. At this level, changes to size and shape are limited.

A higher energy or vibrational state, water becomes liquid. This represents our mental form. It is fluid and will mold to fit it’s physical container.

Then, at an even higher energy or vibrational level water turns to steam, or gas. This represents our spirit. This will expand to fill as much space as it’s allowed to fill.

If ice breaks, it must rise to the water level (mental) to repair. Liquid (mental) must raise to gas (spirit) to purify. But if poison is added to the gas, the liquid will be bad. And if the liquid is impure or at a negative form, so will the physical form of ice.

The same with us, to fix the physical we must rise to the mental, and to fix the mental we must rise to the spiritual. If these are not healed then the lower energy forms, spiritual>mental and mental>physical will be damaged.

Harmony must exist at all levels, with the higher working to repair the lower.

Under the laws of physics, an increase of pressure will result in an increase in temperature, or vibrational energy. So a broken ice cube can be mended by subjecting to pressure.

HOWEVER, if too much pressure is added, or the ice already has cracks, then it will shatter.

Again this can be representative of our own being. Sometimes pressure can cause us to step up, to fix problems within, and become better people. However if there are already cracks at the higher levels, or if the pressure gets too great, then we “break”.

But like the ice, we can still make repairs by going to the higher levels.

No issue that a person suffers is irreparable, sometimes you just have to increase the level of vibration to a higher one than where the damage has extended to.

This is where Sanomentology comes in. We can take a person to whatever level they need to reach to carry out the repairs.

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