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What are you feeding yourself?

You feel like you’re tainted goods.
You feel like you’re less than.
You feel like you don’t fit.

This is good!

This is how you’re supposed to feel as you were not put on this planet to layer the paths of others – lovingly sprinkling rose petals to protect their gentle feet, while you break your own back.

Yet we unwittingly do this all of the time.

We absorb so much without noticing, running on programs that we’ve had installed by others that we didn’t ask for.

That’s fine as it’s unavoidable – we’re born helpless so we need nurturing. Where this doesn’t work for you though, is when the programs are being blindly shoved into you, with no understanding of the compatibility with your own operating system.

All the love and will in the world won’t get android apps to run on Apple devices.

But if you watched a compatible app being installed – and then saw it running perfectly when it wouldn’t even work with you, it would be really easy to think you’re the problem.

Every program is written with an intention – the purpose is clear from the outset. Every line of code is created to facilitate that purpose.

Code. That’s essentially what makes or breaks us.

Eating needs a plethora of chemical reactions to work – or we die. So we master that one pretty quickly.

Breathing requires message transportation systems to magically fulfil the demands required of them and we stay alive.

Those are the subprograms we’re running and if just one of those broke, we’d die pretty abruptly. This is why we don’t eat poisonous produce or inhale toxic gases – we just know what the input needs to be.

So they don’t break. Day in, day out, all manner of magic is coursing through our veins, based on our inputs and we’re oblivious to all of this until something goes wrong.

That same Magic Show is driving your entire purpose on auto-pilot.

If you’re not feeling at ease with who you are, it’s because the inputs might be wrong.

What are you feeding yourself these days?

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