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Money cannot buy happiness – or can it?

Money cannot buy happiness

An age old quote, promoted by the rich, and clung to by the poor.

But can it?

That totally depends on a person’s perspective, their circumstances, and their programming.

Let’s look at an average working Joe. He goes to work and earns a medium level wage. If it’s enough he can pay his bills, and possibly saves up, and goes on holiday, or buys a new car, or similar. Joe may have had periods of worry about money, so he is grateful and happy that he is surviving.

But that’s all he is doing, surviving. He has been programmed to live this life, and it gets him down. He has small periods of escape, his holiday, or purchase of “luxuries” where his happiness can spike, abut the feeling doesn’t last, and he returns to the mundane life. His programming keeps him stuck. Add to that the rest of life that has happened to him, and continues to happen, with its woes, problems, and doubts, and poor old Joe lives his life paycheck to paycheck, purchasing himself small pockets of happiness along the way. He may find happiness for free in the form of love, family, friends, but he will always have the worry of bills, living expenses, and general life chipping away at him.

This all sets a series of programming within his mind, on top of the general programming of survival.

Let’s say that Joe then comes into a large sum of money. He goes wild, buys a house, car, lots of holidays, and is happy for a while. But he still has a mind full of programming, blueprints of doubt, fear, and worry, that will eventually rear it’s ugly head and send the entire feelings into a downward spiral. In extreme cases, problems like addiction, depression, panic and anxiety, or other issues may ensue.

Again the happiness fades.

On the other end of the scale we have trust fund Timmy. He has never experienced hardship, never worried about bills, and has no need to go to work to survive.
But Timmy still has programming, blueprints created throughout life that can cause issues, doubts, and fears.

The problem is Timmy can buy anything he wants. There is no self gratification in buying the good things. He’s not had to wait, to work for it, and it doesn’t provide that rush of happiness that Joe may experience. The ability to buy anything gets boring, and he finds himself lost in the world, devoid of relative boosts of happiness. So he seeks it elsewhere. Maybe chemically, dabbling in drugs or booze. A downward spiral that achieves only a short release.

Or maybe he will seek that rush of happiness in a different way, by seeking power, control, or manipulation of others around them for their own gratification. Again the thrill and excitement is short lived so Timmy has to seek more extreme levels. The power goes to his head, he loses himself in his search for that happiness.

Both Timmy and Joe have their own problems. And their perception of money doesn’t give either of them happiness in the long term. Joe gets a small release every now and again, and Timmy rarely experiences it relatively.

Because it’s all down to the programs running. Their problems, their issues, their entire view of the world are still there, regardless of the amount, or lack, of money. Until they can get past these issues, until they can change these programs, no amount of money will ever buy them happiness.

But (and no apologies for the blatant sales pitch here) there is hope. Our training and courses can help you to change that programming. We can help you to find that happiness, to see the reality of it, regardless of the financial situation. And once that relationship with money is repaired, the acquisition of it becomes easier. Whether you would rather learn the methods and take on the change yourself, or would rather a hand holding approach to ensure maximum effectiveness, we can help.

Money can buy happiness, if used in the right way. Change your programming, change your thoughts, change your entire life.

Timmy or Joe, or somewhere inbetween, we can help you all, just make that desicion to join us. Your life is yours and you deserve the best. Let us help you to be the best.

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