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Ever feel you’re TOO MUCH?


Too inconvenient for ‘their’ comfort zones.

Too opinionated for ‘their’ blinkered perspectives?

Too loud for ‘their’ hushed tones?

One of two things happens to ‘too-much’ people…

They either make the world change, or the world changes them.

The constant disapproval derails them so they sit down and shut up, with their muchness dimming with every ‘shush’, finger wag or scowl.

That gorgeous passion that their soul was gifted with before they took their first breath, loses its way, loses its place, loses its love.

What if you weren’t put here to facilitate the ease? What if your purpose was to agitate people back out of their comfort zones again? What if a reaction is actually your prime goal?

THAT’s where change happens. Your too muchness is a gift to the world, not an inconvenience.

Einstein, Musk, Mother Teresa – do any research and they had their trolls and nay-sayers.

They had the vitriol that could have shushed them if they didn’t care so much about their mission.

You might not know your calling yet, but there’s something in you SO big that it’s looking for its voice and its place again.

If you’re uncomfortable with being too much, move away from the dimmed environments.

If you’re sick of questioning yourself and why you don’t fit, question your surroundings.

If you’re fed up with surface layer bullshit, look inside at the sheer depth of who YOU are.

If you want to know more about what’s inside that marvellous brain, heart and soul of yours, the next cohort of the Sanomentology and Post-Materialistic Psychology courses are starting soon.

Courses designed EXACTLY for people like you who are ready for change.

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