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The Ultimate Change-maker


If you are truly serious about change, then this is the program for you.



Are you serious about making those changes?

If you are truly serious about change, then this is the program you need in your life.

It can be so difficult to make those changes without the support, without someone kicking you up the proverbial, without the knowledge that someone is there for you whenever you need the support the most.

  • Unlimited Lifetime Learning
  • Unlimited Personal Support
  • 5 year 1-2-1 Retainer

Are you unfullfilled?

It doesn't matter how affluent, how powerful, how rich you are, we are all human beings, and are all susceptible to the same issues, the same programming, and the same problems internally.

Often, those who are wealthy, powerful, and affluent, can find it more difficult to cope with every day life. That idyllic life is not as idyllic as it sounds, pressures mount, and there is little or no regular release.

Anxieties, depression, panic, stress can all become every day occurrences. There seems no way to turn, and the help that is out there sends you on a deeper downward spiral.

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"The answer is never in a pill or a bottle! It's in YOU!"


Forget your Label!

Do you suffer from anxiety? What about depression? Maybe PTSD? An addiction? Or maybe just simple stress....?

I've got news for you. You don't have any of these things. Because they are just labels.

The danger of labels is that they put people in boxes. And this leads to them being treated in the same manner as others in that same box. But what works for Mr Jones up the road, may not work for you.

Because no one has any of these things as they don't exist as a specific condition.

What you actually have is a set of unique reactions, responses, emotions and coping mechanisms created by your own unique experiences. It is completely unlike anything anyone else suffers.

So why settle for help or treatment the same as everyone else gets?

What you really need is a program as unique to the you as the set of reactions and emotions you experience, and only they can create that.

And that is where we comes in. Our unique processes allow you to create whatever is needed to resolve the symptoms that you experience.

So if you are tired of the run of the mill scripted and out of the box methods of therapy and treatment, then join us today and learn how to really help yourself and to change your behaviours in ways to suit you.

This will in turn lead to a life of fullfillment, purpose, self love, self respect. A true path to happiness.

Live your life, don't just exist.

You are NOT everyone else!

You are not the same as everyone else, you are inherently a unique, beautiful, powerful, limitless human being.

So stop comparing yourself to those around you.

You are not in competition with anyone but yourself, and it's only you that matters. Strive to wake up each day better than you were the day before. Let others continue on their own paths, and spend your time creating yours. The lives of others are not as rosy as they seem, it's all smoke and mirrors, so shift that focus.

I will personally help you to get past the indoctrination of living to societies expectations, and help you to carve that path out in front of you, even if it appears to be blocked with solid granite.



My life has changed through the process of the training, happier emotionally lighter, brighter. I am also now able to help others in a positive way.


M L Warren

This is simply the best and most comprehensive training programme I have ever enrolled to! I've wasted so much time and money on courses and now all I really use is everything Martin has taught me.

Ghitta Basson

Since my training one year ago I can honestly say that the way I look at the world and understand other people has changed hugely. It had been a life changing experience which I am eternally grateful for.


Caroline Church


Personal and confidential in-depth Mental and Spiritual Assessment

Together we will delve into your life, your mind, your beliefs, your programs. No stone will be left unturned as we get to the roots and origins of you. What makes you who you are? Why do you suffer? What needs to happen to change that?

This will be repeated once per month for the first 12 months to ensure we uncover anything that may be masked or buried

From there we will work to create a plan of action that we can take to move you forward in the fastest and most effective way. I will be with you every step of the way, but you will ultimately be held accountable to perform the agreed actions. You will have a 24/7 lifeline number at all times for that support or help.

Plans and intentions will be updated as a rolling action each month. I will personally be dedicated to your wellbeing and success throughout the program, and I will expect the same dedication from you. Change can be easy, but does require comittment, otherwise you are wasting mine and your time.

You will see positive change rapidly, almost miraculously, and that will be just the beginning of your journey.

Unlimited lifetime group training

Learn the basics principals behind the disciplines of psychology, theology, and philosophy. These are the key elements to understanding the ideas and theories behind the Post Materialistic Psychology program.

In depth delving into the idea of the Post Materialistic Mind, a mind that exists outside of the limits of the brain and body. Here we cover the theories, ideas, and science behind the model.

A full exploration of your mind and its limits, fears, shackles, and issues, as we delve into the theories and protocols of the Sanomentology program. An interactive journey to eliminate physical and mental pain, anguish and anything else that holds you back. This includes a comprehensive understanding of the protocols and theories, allowing you to use them in the future with yourself and others.

Work on the healing, enhancement, and growth of the mind at all levels, to include dealing with anxiety, pain, fear, self belief, confidence, addictions, health, manifestation, and virtually any other issue that may hold you back.

Self guided assignments, research, and practice work as a group and on your own to ensure your understanding and comprehension of the program.

Unlimited 5 year retainer for personal support and mentoring

As well as the group and self guided work, you will get a 5 year unlimited retainer,  where we will work personally with you at levels not accessible in the group training. whatever you need, whenever you need, however we can guide and lead you, we will.

This will ensure your growth, the casting off of your chains and shackles, and will let you truly see the future exactly as you want it to be.

"Don't have a label, don't be put in a box"