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Learn to harness the true power of the dream. One of the best therapeutic interventions on the planet.




Sanomentology is one of the most powerful and versatile therapeutic and coaching programs in the world.

It's power lies in the Power of the Dream.

Since the dawn of time, the power of the dream has been recognised as one of the most effective healing processes we can experience.

Ancient civilisations such as those of the Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians all have records describing a form of “Sleep Temple” where a person would be guided into a dream and then left to heal.

This ancient practise was lost to history, classed as part of their respective beliefs in the “old gods”, the practices being condemned and disregarded by the newer forms of religion. Practitioners of these healing arts were persecuted and punished, often with death.

However, the ability to dream is still one of the most powerful processes we possess. The dream is the ultimate connecting and  communication medium across the whole of consciousness.

What do I mean by the whole of consciousness?

The Scope of Consciousness

Many of you will have seen or even used The analogy of an iceberg as a comparison of the Conscious and Unconscious mind. It is an effective analogy, but it also helps to show the limitations of the thinking of many therapeutic models.

Because where The conscious mind is represented by the tip of the iceberg, and the unconscious mind represented by the underwater part , and these are the parts where most therapy happens, consciousness as a whole encompasses everything around it too.

The air, the water, the iceberg, the whole universe that it exists in.

And that is the realm of Sanomentology.

We work with what is referred to as the Post Materialistic Mind, a mind that exists far beyond the scope of the meat of the brain and body. The brain has the same principle task as the router in your home that takes the signal from the internet outside and routes it around your house as required.


Dream Architecture

Using our unique Dream Architecture we can work without the interference from the limiting and critical conscious mind, and allows the message to be carried across every level of a persons being.

Some of the biggest life changing inventions and discoveries were made due to the innate power of the dream; the sewing machine, DNA, the Periodic Table, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Google, the list could go on.

The Science behind the healing power of dreams is clear. Dreams are something that evolution has developed to help us, and other animals, to make sense and deal with the world around us.

The problem today is that the world is changing faster than evolution can keep up. In times when we lived in caves, we had a limited sense of purpose. Mankind had to look out for small groups of people in his tribe, and think about the basic needs. Dreams back then would have been focused and clear, dealing with the limited issues that were current.

Nowadays, people worry and fear too much. We are driven by the world around us to fear worry and stress over too much. The constant bombardment from social media and other platforms, and the sheer busyness of the world overload our senses, and in turn, our amygdala. Television, films, video games and the like further this cataclysmic overload in the amygdala, it doesn’t realise that zombies are not real, so suddenly (in evolutionary terms) it has a lot more perceived danger to filter and sort. It is not built for that level of information so dreams become randomised, chaotic, confusing, and muddled. The amygdala cannot do its job properly and this leads to an increase in anxiety, fear, illness, and other maladies.

This overload of information creates changes in the brain, the reticula activating system and other elements start to raise the awareness of danger and threat, increasing the information that the amygdala has to filter, and suddenly we have a vicious cycle.

This is where the magic of Sanomentology lies. Our protocols and processes all utilise this ancient ability that we all possess. Merging with a perfect blend of modern science, theology, and ancient philosophy,  it uses the power of dreams.

Rather than letting the dream run randomly as happens usually, Sanomentology carefully guides them, setting the scene, and filtering out the unnecessary elements to allow the dream to systematically and methodically resolve each issue as it needs. The client’s dreams are their own, and run in the best way to suit them safely, but we remove the muddled and confusional overload.

With this process we can guide a person to heal, to think clearly, to resolve problems, and build a future in ways that are natural, effective and fast. Physical, mental, and spiritual issues and problems can be resolved and cleared quickly, and as this happens the amygdala clears out allowing it to continue its job with clarity and purpose.

In the ancient sleep temples, the priests would perform rituals to set the scene for the dream, and then send the person to sleep. As Dream architects we set the scene more directly, and then guide the client personally to work within there dream, making sure anything that needs to be done, gets done.

"Dreams are where the magic of Sanomentology lies. Our protocols and processes all utilise this ancient ability that we all possess. Merging with a perfect blend of modern science, theology, and ancient philosophy, it uses the power of dreams."

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I’ve absolutely loved this training. Had excellent lasting results using it. Giving me a greater understanding of the unconscious mind. The support I’ve received has given me the confidence to become the successful therapist I am today. Would highly recommend this training


Karen Jacklin

I had become a certified hypnotherapist before studying with Martin. His insights and techniques changed my professional paradigm and expanded my toolbox of techniques. He is generous with his knowledge and engaging as a teacher.



Susan Watkins Van Cleave

Sanomentology has been without doubt, the best training course I've done. It gave me so much more confidence working as a therapist as the results my clients have achieved are life changing for them. It has changed my life in so many ways too and I'm grateful to Martin for creating and sharing this amazing therapy with us.

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Kirsty Strange