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Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy


For the safe and effective elimination of physical and emotional pain.



What is Pain?

Most people regard pain as a bad thing, a negative feeling they experience. This leads to negative feelings toward the issue, causing the pain to become a self-sustaining sensation.

Many people (not all) suffering from long term chronic pain conditions, become very negative people in all aspects of their lives.

This then creates more emotional pain, which feeds the feelings of physical pain.

Pain is just a message

Realistically, pain is only a message. There is nothing to be taken negatively or to fear.

For most pain, initially it is essential to alert the body to a problem, but once it’s been addressed the message is no longer required.

Often the message is ignored, not acknowledged, especially if the pain is a response to emotional factors. The message will then get louder and louder until listened to. Ignoring it or fighting it is the worst mistake that could be made. Fighting it is a conscious reaction, and the unconscious mind is much more powerful.

Another important factor to realise is that all messages of pain, as with any actions of the body, are created originally with good intent. The protective aspect of the pain may not be against physical threats, but also mentally perceived threats such as phobias, fears etc.

This course will train you to become a Licensed Rapid Pain Elimination Therapist and a Licensed Mind Mediator.
Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy - Learn the methods to eliminate chronic pain quickly and often permanently. It works with physical pain such as sciatica, back and joint issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, old injuries and more, and for emotional pain such as anxiety, depression, and more. Sessions can be conducted in as little as 15 minutes.
The program is designed to suit newcomers to the therapy world and accomplished therapists alike. A true niche that removes the stereotypical stigma of hypnotherapy and other therapies.

Your Trainer and Mentor


As Founding Dean and President of The MacRothery College, you are in good hands with Martin. He has created and implemented the programs within the training across the world, and is dedicated to helping you personally to become the best you you can be.


I just wanted to give you a quick update - all is going really well. My back decided to crunch in the car on the way home and I thought that was it! However, it's been absolutely fine. I feel a little stiff but have NO pain. I've woken up the last 2 mornings being able to move straight away without having to brace myself.
Thank you so much!

Before my session I was suffering from chronic pain from an operation that I'd had at the age of 11. This operation was on my knee and while doing what it was intended for, it caused a lot pain, swelling and weakness in my legs and feet, the worst of which was in my knees.

STEPS was a relaxting experience that was thoroughly explained before starting, my session took less than 20 minutes and I started to feel the effects of it almost straight away.

My pain level went down from a 7 to nearly a 1; I would recommend a session to anyone that experiences chronic pain or anxieties as this worked and continues to work to this day.

I used to have terrible headaches, at least 3 or 4 times a week, since the age of 14. It's just become my normal and I'd just pop a pill or 3. Ghitta asked me on a scale of 1-10 how bad my headaches usually are and I said an 8/10.
Besides for the headaches, I've got chronic pain in my right foot as I broke my ankle in high school (bear in mind - this was about 20 odd years ago.), but I've gotten so used to that too and know my limits with my foot.

Two weeks later I happen to run into Ghitta and she asked me about my pain. I realised then that I've not had a single headache since our session! And my ankle, well I haven't even thought about it, but strangely there's no pain there anymore either. Miracle!


5 days of training covering:

S.T.E.P.S. - The key protocol, a simple negotiation technique working with the conscious and unconscious mind to resolve most issues and eliminate most pain.

Dreamscaping. - A truly content free way to help a client resolve issues by sending them inside their own mind. You'll learn to run an inner journey into their mind, and how to create an Interactive Lucid Dream to work on another level to resolve issues.

T.I.M.E. - Total Integrated Mind Enhancement (T.I.M.E.) is a protocol designed to work at multiple levels of the mind, resolving issues at the deepest levels, on different plains, and across entire existences. Probably one of the most powerful interventions available. You will experience the protocol yourself and learn how to use it and adapt it where needed.

The Unity Process - Designed to bring the Conscious and Unconscious mind together working more in tune.

G.O.S.H. - The Gift of Self Healing is designed to place the clients mind and body into the best possible healing state. You'll experience it and then learn to adapt it and use it with clients.

"There is always a positive intention motivating any pain, and a context in which this pain has value"




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