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The Post Materialistic Mind


The concept of a mind beyond our physical selves.


A Concept of 2 Consciousnesses?

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There are two elements to consciousness, intricately linked but differing in their states and properties. They exist both together and apart in a quantum partnership.

The first is the Existential Consciousness, and this is the realm of consciousness most people work and exist within. This is the consciousness that is born and dies with you.

The second is the Laminal Consciousness, and this is the mind that exists beyond the scope of the brain and body. This part of consciousness crosses all dimensions, all realms, and is eternal.

Unlimited Potential

Laminal Consciousness is pure energy that resides across all the dimensions. It works at the quantum level, and is more powerful than we could ever even understand. The brain limits the potential by use of the Existential Consciousness just like a router can prevent signals from certain source, and can throttle the inflow of iinformation. The more you expand your Existential Consciousness by
eliminating limiting beliefs, the more you will allow information in. The more “narrow minded” you become, the more the information is limited. This throttling of information from the higher dimensions can lead to a partial desynchronization between the higher levels and the physical form, leading to a loss of awareness to what the body is doing, and resulting in issues such as psychosis, loss of memory, split personality disorders and more.

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The more expanded the Existential Consciousness becomes, the more “broad minded” you become, the more information can enter our awareness and we find formerly unexpressed abilities and ideas suddenly emerging. If a person can successfully reap the benefits of this process, that person could be referred to as a genius or prodigy.

It is important not to become overwhelmed, unsettled or caught up in these processes, or they will either reverse the expansion, or result in maladies such as schizophrenia and other psychotic issues. The phrase “there is a thin line between genius and madness” is entirely and quite literally correct. The more that is allowed through and accepted or acted upon, the wider the Existential Consciousness expands, more ideas or skills will manifes

" Since the 17th century it has been presumed that consciousness is a by-product of the matter of the brain. However this does not explain the scope of human experience and emotion."




Post Materialistic Psychology