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Mind Mediation


A simple and effective method for communication with the Subconscious Mind


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The Unconscious Mind

The Unconscious Mind runs entirely on programs that are created over time. Rather like a computer, it requires external input to create these programs, it doesn’t create itself. The sources of external input can be the Conscious mind, other people, the environment, and debatably a higher consciousness.

Everything that happens to a person results in a line of code being written. This code will form either a response or reaction to the stimuli.

Mind Mediation

Mind Mediation is just as it sounds. You will learn how to communicate with the Unconscious Mind, and effectively provide mediation between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind.

Most issues a person suffers from are due to a conflict between the two, therefore this method will give you a rapid way to resolve many of the maladies a client may present.


"Many issues are caued by a conflict between the conscious and unconscious minds, we can mediate to resolve these conflicts"




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