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The General Theory of Relative Reality


How is reality formed by consciousness, and how can we bend the rules?


The Dimensional Challenge


We are dimensionally challenged beings. We live in the third
dimensional world, and this causes limitations to our abilities and
understanding of other dimensions.
A 1-dimension being would be unable to perceive a 2 dimension being, a 2-dimension unable to perceive 3 dimensions, and us as 3 dimensional beings cannot perceive the 4th or higher.
We can work and manipulate all dimensions below us, but not the ones above, although we can perceive its effects. This is due to the way our brain is trained, it doesn’t understand how to look for anything more.

Time, Space, and Matter are all created within the 4th dimension, following instruction from the higher levels.

Dimensional Consciousness

Consciousness spans all of the dimensions, and has an influence and control on the creation of reality itself. By accessing these different dimensional levels and using our reality frequency formula, we can bend, adapt, and change reality itself.

This program offers a comprehensive understanding of the higher dimensions, as well as the theory and formulas for the creation of our own realities.

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The idea of dimensional blindness is depicted well in the 1884 novel by Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Abbot describes the life of a 2-dimensional square. It’s entire world is 2 dimensional, so despite there being lots of other shapes, all the square can see other lines. Then the square is visited by a sphere, and the square cannot comprehend this until the sphere takes it to a 3D world. The square learns about the 3D world and understands. It then asks the sphere about other dimensions beyond the 3 dimensions. The 3D sphere cannot comprehend other dimensions just like the 2d square couldn’t comprehend the 3D world.

That is us. Our brains are trained to see the 3D world and below, but nothing higher.

"By accessing the higher levels of consciousness we can bend the very fabric of reality"




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